Susan and I made our first road trip from California to Massachusetts in August 2001. We visited Grand Teton National Park and the a brief tour of Yellowstone. (We’ve returned to both parks several times since then). I got up very early on a calm, cloudless morning and made photographs as the sun rose and lit the Grand Tetons behind Jenny Lake. Later that day, we drove to Yellowstone and watched Old Faithful. But for me the more interesting formations were along Firehole Lake Drive and Young Hopeful Geyser.

All the images below were made on Velvia film with my trusy Nikon N90 camera. I have digitized a selection of slides made on this trip using my Nikon D850 digital camera, fitted with a Nikon 60mm macro lens and Nikon ES-2 slide adaptor, creating 45MByte image of each slide. I’ve then post-processed each image as usual in Lightroom, Photoshop, and (occasionally) ON-1 Photo Raw 2020.

Velvia film was famous for creating deeply saturated colors with a bias to the reds. I think that even though these images are digitized you can still see some of the “analog smoothness” that film creates as opposed to digital. Sort of like vinyl records compared to digital CDs.

Click on an image to see an enlarged view.

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