The much-publicized lunar eclipse on April 14 was preceded by a moonrise about a half-hour after sunset.  From my vantage point here in Walnut Creek, the moon rose in the “saddle” between Eagle Peak (on the left in the wide angle shots) and Mount Diablo (on the right).  There was a thin overcast layer of clouds that added some interesting touches.  (This was the same layer of clouds that made the lunar eclipse itself here in Northern California pretty much a bust.)

The collection in the gallery below consists of 9 images, (8 of them are HDR) made during the course of the moonrise over Mount Diablo.  I’ve cropped and processed the images with different tools (mostly in Lightroom 5), ranging from photorealistic to more abstract, to evoke different responses.  I’d be grateful for your feedback via the “comments” section in terms of which images you liked or disliked.

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