Road Trip! Wisconsin to California and Back

Susan and I departed on our long-planned road trip to California a few days before Easter 2022. We returned home in early May, 5155 miles later.

After spending Holy Week and Easter with our family in Kearney, Nebraska, we headed to Colorado. We crossed the Rockies and the Utah desert on Interstate 70—surely one of the more beautiful stretches of Interstate in the west. I-70 ends at I-15 and we headed south, stopping at the Kolob Canyon unit of Zion National Park. Then on to Vegas for a night, across the Mohave desert and then north on I-5— what is surely one of the more terrible pieces of Interstate in the U.S.: too much traffic and not enough lanes. Stayed a few days in Walnut Creek to visit friends. And then two marvelous days in the Monterey area before heading home on I-80. Our trip east included driving through a snowstorm in western Nebraska. On May 2nd!

Along the Way

Photos along the way.

Pacific Grove and Point Lobos Reserve

What is surely one of my favorite places on the planet. Getting out on the Pacific Grove coast before dawn is an experience I repeat every time I’m there—and there are shots form the two mornings we were there. We also spent an hour at the Point Lobos State Reserve—a spot I’ve loved since the 1960’s. There is no more dramatic meeting of sea and land anywhere on the west coast—or the east coast, for that matter.

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