Pinecrest Forest and Rivers

PinecrestForest2-On Monday morning, May 12, 2014 I was out about an hour after sunrise to capture a few early morning shots along the South Fork of the Stanislaus River just below Strawberry.  About an hour later I went hiking along what looked to be a small creek, but as my host, Dick Seibert, informed me, is actually the North Fork of the Tuolomne River.  Pretty close to its headwaters, I’d guess.

This creek is fairly overgrown with bushes, twigs and other forest flora that tended to interfere with my vision of what a dramatic little creek should look like photographically.  As a result I ended up with a lot of weedy-looking shots and flowing water that are not included in the gallery.  On the other hand, the rock-lined river bed offered lots of interesting color under the flowing water–hence the five studies titled, “River water and rocks.”

While I have used HDR techniques for most of this gallery, I have throttled back on the over-saturation that characterizes many HDR images to make them resemble the actual colors as I remember them.

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