2014 Favorites

2014 was an extraordinarily productive year. I went more places and shot more images–about 2000–mostly HDR (High Dynamic Range). The year began with a drive up the Big Sur coast and then a February trip to the frozen north shore of Lake Superior with my friends, Jerry and Joel Hanson. In April, I experimented with creating abstract HDR shots of a moonrise over Mt. Diablo, taken from my backyard. Let me know what you think.

In May and June I was up in the Sierras at Pinecrest Lake to try my hand at starry night images–far away from the light pollution of the Bay Area.  Susan and I celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary in July in Santa Fe, New Mexico, that included shooting from the 5th floor terrace of the La Fonda Hotel, where we were staying, of a particularly spectacular sunset that included virga (rainfall that doesn’t make it to the ground) over the Jemez Mountains west of Santa Fe. Summer and fall were in Massachusetts that included starry night and moonrise images.  A side trip to New Hampshire in late September captured some classic New England fall color shots (and a couple that aren’t) near the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

In November, Jerry and Joel Hanson and I trekked to the eastern side of the Sierras to capture images of the extraordinary bristlecone pines at 10,000+ feet up in the White Mountains of California, as well sunset and dawn at Mono Lake. I’ve “narrowed” it down to 52 images arranged in chronological order. Enjoy.


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