Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge
Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge in its normal "up" position.

Built in 1933, the Cape Cod Railroad Bridge is a marvelous mix of precise engineering and rugged construction. There are only a few vertical lift bridges of this design in the US that raise its entire span between two towers. Since fewer trains cross the canal than boats transit the canal, the bridge is normally in the “up” position. It’s lowered only when trains need to transit between the Massachusetts “mainland” and Cape Cod.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I love your pictures of the Cape Cod Railroad Bridge. Is there any chance prints of your picture might be for sale?

    I represent the Behavioral Health Provider Coalition of Cape Cod and the Islands. Over the past few years we have been giving a framed picture of the bridge to individuals who present or devoted time to the production of our Annual Summit. It has become a meaningful tradition as our goal is to ‘Build bridges to recovery.’

    Please let me k now at your earliest convenience if it would be possible to purchase prints of the bridge. I appreciate your time.

    Thank you,
    Diane Ofria

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