Hamilton Beach Moonrise

The August full moon was a so-called “supermoon,” about 14% larger than the “average” full moon because it was it its perigee. This gallery includes images taken over three successive evening, August, 9, 10 and 11, made on “Side Beach” across the street from our house at Hamilton Beach, Wareham, Msssachusetts. On August 9 and 10 it rose about the same time as the high tide, so there was lots of water on side beach, which allowed for the “moon reflection” shots. Each evening it rose about a half hour later than the previous evening and a few degrees farther north.

On August 9 the moon rose about half an hour before sunset, which is why those images have a lot of daylight in them. The moon rose right around sunset on August 10, which, together with no clouds in the sky actually made for rather boring photography. On August 11, it rose a half hour after sunset, which gives the more typical evening moonrise-in-a-dark-blue-sky image. 

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