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“Superior Winter” is my new self-published book that includes more than 60 images from my February 2014 photographic adventure in Northern Minnesota.

You  can download a free eBook version to view on an iPad using the iBooks app. There’s also a pdf version, but at 127 MBytes, it’s pretty large.  If you would like the pdf version, just send me an email requesting it.  I’ll reply with a link to my Dropbox folder, where you can download it easily.

As I just mentioned, it’s free for your iPad (not iPhone, sorry.)  Just click here and a new window will open at where you’ll see how to download it.  You’ll notice you can also order the hardback coffee table version of the book, but it’s a somewhat larger investment. (Blurb gets the money, not me.)

The idea of the free eBook is to induce you into ordering prints for your walls. Just email me the page number(s) of any print(s) you’d like to order.  You’re free to order anything else you like, as well–ether form this blog or at the main website at

In the meantime, enjoy the preview of the hardcover version, which show you the first 17 pages. If you click on any of the links below you’ll end up at the Blurb page inducing you to buy the hardcover book.  You can also view many (but not all) of the book’s images elsewhere in this blog

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  1. Awesome – the pictures capture our trip which I thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks Craig.


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