Early on July 12, 2019, Susan and I drove away from the beach house in Massachusetts (in a downpour) and headed west to the Monterey area in California where we met up with our family to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. We’ve completed many cross-country road trips since 2001 and decided we had one more in us. We traveled across 13 states arriving in California 8 days later—making photographs along the way. After a week in the Walnut Creek area and four days in Monterey, we headed east, home to Madison. Here are a few photos taken along the way.

Color vs. Black & White

Often, black and white can be more powerful than color. This gallery shows the same photo in color and B&W. Which do you prefer? Why?


Santa Fe, NM

We arrived in Santa Fe on Tuesday July 16 and I went out early on the 17th to capture Santa Fe before it really woke up. 


Arches National Park

Leaving Santa Fe, we headed north on a beautiful drive through the Rockies into southern Colorado, past Mesa Verde National Park, and then northward to Moab, Utah. On the actual day—July 19th—of our 50th anniversary, I got up early and caught dawn and the full moon in Arches National Park.


Scotts Bluff, Nebraska

From Utah, we drove north to Salt Lake City and then west to California. [Photos I made in California are the subject of a separate post.] After a fabulous visit with friends and a great family celebration in Monterey, we headed east to Wisconsin along Interstate 80, deviating slightly north to Scotts Bluff, Nebraska, a famous landmark along the Oregon Trail—and proof that the Midwest is a more interesting place geographically than just its traditional role as “flyover country.” All-in-all we covered more than 6000 miles and 17 states. And not once did we have to go to an airport!

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