Still Life

To learn my way around my new Nikon D850 camera and to improve my Photoshop skills, I’ve been trying my hand at still life photography.  The main subjects have been pots from our collection of Native American pottery. Also, I’ve collected a few old objects that we own and trying some arrangement of antiques centered around my Dad’s old typewriter. The idea is to suggest someone is actually using them. 

Technical: I’ve used the “focus shift” feature of the D850 mounted on a tripod to take 14 images at different focal planes and then blend those together in Photoshop using “auto-blend mode” into a single in-focus image. Then, I used various textures and using Photoshop layers blend them with the original image to create an “antiqued” look.  I also experimented with compositing by removing the background from the image and substituting a new image as background.

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