Out of the past: Florence, Italy 1975

First in a series of resurrected images from my photographically checkered past…

Almost 40 years ago, Susan and I spent a week in Florence.  Most of the Ektachrome slides I shot there on my old Konica SLR are pretty deteriorated.  These are a few that survived and that I’ve been able to restore (a bit) with the help of Lightroom 5.

If you look carefully at a couple of the shots of buildings along the Arno River, you’ll notice an artifact of ancient technology: TV antennas.  More recent photos of Florence (google “florence italy images”), suggest that things have been spiffed up considerably in the ensuing decades.

There’s also Michelangelo’s David, modestly shot from his side, as well the Duomo and City Hall seen from inside the Uffizi Gallery on a rainy day.

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